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Mt Kenya Leaders Break Silence Ahead of Raila’s Three-Day Demos

by Paul Nyongesa
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Mount Kenya leaders have issued a stern warning to former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, urging him to immediately cease his weekly demonstrations.

The leaders argue that Raila’s persistent protests are causing economic sabotage and should be stopped to allow the government to fulfill its campaign promises.

Gatanga MP Edward Muriu, speaking to the Star on Sunday, expressed his concerns, stating that the Kenya Kwanza administration is focused on implementing crucial reforms that will benefit all citizens.

Muriu emphasized the need to grant the government sufficient time to deliver on its pledges rather than impeding progress through regular protests.

“The government has outlined its agenda, and we need to support Ruto and [Rigathi] Gachagua’s efforts to uplift the nation. Raila’s weekly demonstrations only serve to hinder progress and negatively impact the economy,” Muriu asserted.

Kipipiri MP Wanjiku Muhia echoed Muriu’s sentiments and stated that Raila was using demonstrations as a ploy to seek a handshake agreement. Muhia noted that President Ruto and Gachagua are fully committed to improving the lives of Kenyans by implementing sustainable economic reforms.

“Let us focus on tangible solutions that will make the lives of Kenyans better,” Muhia stated.

The warnings from the Mount Kenya leaders come amid escalating tensions and polarizing debates surrounding Raila Odinga’s weekly demonstrations. While some argue that protests are an essential tool for expressing dissent and holding the government accountable, others view them as disruptive to the nation’s progress and stability.

Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti also emphasized the need for dialogue and constructive engagement among leaders, urging Kenyans to promote peace and unity. She cautioned against polarizing the country further and called for discussions rather than confrontational protests.

Former Mt Kenya MCA caucus Chairman Charles Mwangi (Ichagaki) joined the chorus, expressing concerns about the impact of ongoing demonstrations. Mwangi called for dialogue between Raila and Ruto, emphasizing that protests would only divide the country and deter potential investors.

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