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“You Are Late, Marry!” Oscar Sudi Completely Destroys Dr. King’ori On Live TV Show

by Paul Nyongesa
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Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi did not spare Dr. King’ori for delaying to marry, yet he is in his 30s, during The Wicked edition show.

Sudi, who claims to have gotten married to the love of his heart at the age of 20 said the majority of men who take long to settle down want to have every woman they see around.

“Anyone who is not marrying early has a problem, is complicated, or is greedy because they see this one and want the other,” he said.

Asked why he did not stick to one wife, the lawmaker said that many people marry more than two wives.

“I have two[wives] . That question is hard because you find many people have married more than two. In most cases the eldest wife contributes a lot,  the two of you (with the elder wife) marry the second wife,” he said.

Sudi however told King’ori that he has no right over his age mate who married in his 20s just because he is waiting to get financially stable before he can settle down.

“You have worked here for 8 years, you came here at the age of 22 and you don’t have a wife. If you believe that you have to get financially stable, you want to tell us that you have a right over your age mate who married by then and you who have stayed for 8 years, what proof do you have that you have planned yourself better than that guy.

King’ori defended himself saying that he is not at the same spot he was 8 years ago. Sudi however proceeded with his lecture.

“Forgive me if your girlfriend will hear this, for those 8 years, you have had many girlfriends. I am 100% sure because someone who does not marry early enough either has a defect, is complicated or has desire,” the MP said.

He added that King’ori must have struggled with many girls while suggesting that he dates three girls yearly.

According to the parliamentarian, the more time men take in looking for a ‘beautiful’ girl to marry, the more they miss on the right person.

“When you take so long to choose a wife, you will end up missing the one you want. There is no bad wife, as long as you have stayed with a person and can weigh and see who they are,” the vocal legislator advised.

Sudi further took a swipe at men who consider body shape and appearance when looking for wife material.

According to the legislator, all women are wonderfully and beautifully made if well taken care of.

“There is no woman with an ugly face, or is fake,” the lawmaker said.

Sudi, who was appearing on The Wicked Edition said he got married at the age of 20 although he has a second wife.

In a separate story, MP Oscar Sudi last month dismissed the notion that the wealth and money he has accrued has transformed his looks after an old photo of him showed the image of someone who has come a long way.

“Sura sio pesa na pia nilikua nimechoka sana juu ya (Money has nothing to do with someone’s facial appearance, I was so tired) due to campaigns. You can compare the image on my campaign posters in 2013 with this one,” Sudi said.

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