Anger as Chinese Captain Throws Two Tanzanians in Shark Infested Waters over Fear of Catching Corona

A Chinese ship captain has drawn anger across the globe after he admitted that him and his crew threw two Tanzanians into shark-infested waters over fears of catching the coronavirus from them

 Daily Mail, reports that Cui Rongli watched as his crew made a makeshift raft from rope, plastic drums and plywood before dumping the duo overboard in waters off the coast of South Africa. Reports indicate that they were dumped near the mouth of the Tugela River, which is infested by sharks.

The two Tanzanians identified as Amiri Salamu, 20 and Hassani Rajabu, 30 were given life jackets and two bottles of water and told to paddle with their hands to land.

After three days and two nights with no food on the makeshift raft, the two washed up on the KwaZulu-Natal coast of South Africa, exhausted.

Shocked locals came to their aid,where they were rushed to hospital. Paramedics said they were suffering from hypothermia, thirst and hunger

After news of their abandonment reached the South African Maritime Safety Agency, they contacted the ship, MV Top Grace via radio. When the ship docked at Richards Bay, police officers boarded and arrested the captain.

Appearing before the Durban Magistrates Court , the captain alongside six crew admitted to charges of attempted murder.  Rongli was fined Sh500,000 while the crew were fined Sh250,000 each.

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    Written by Paulette Gweth




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