Video: Why Citizen TV Guest Comment on Economic Dating Left Viewers Mouths’ Wide open

Citizen TV Panelist who faced the Wrath of Kenyans.

A number of panelists were invited by the TV host, Victoria Rubadiri to discuss financial instability among the young people especially the campus students.

One the guest who attended the forum landed herself in trouble after her declaring she will never date a broke man.

The panelist told Rubadiri there is a lot of pressure to fit in so a lady looks for a man who can offer her financial security.

After the panelist sentiment, the unimpressed Kenyans got personal and attacked the lady regarding her dress code and claiming her hair was not done neatly.

Kenyans stormed the Tv’s social media page asking why the lady materialistic. They also argued that the panelist should know the difference between a broke guy and a poor guy.

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    Written by Emily Odeny




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