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Battle of the colors: Catholic Church’s purple against Valentine’s red

By The Editor—

The Catholic Church has vowed to start a purple color revolution Wednesday to counter the red that is normally associated with Valentine’s Day. Furthermore, it is also looking to oppose efforts to celebrate World Condoms Day, saying condoms are not a real and moral solution.

The Church said it will continue to campaign against the use of condoms. Single faithful were also asked to abstain from sex as one solution to stop the spread of HIV/Aids. Married couples, on the other hand, were advised to stick to one partner.

Fr Peter Githinji, the head of Health Nyeri Archdiocese, said whereas many couples will paint the town red to celebrate the Valentine’s Day, Catholic faithful will color the town in purple instead, to mark the start of the lent season. This, to Catholics, marks the beginning of a 40-day period of fasting and penitence observed by many Christians in preparation for Easter.

According to Father Githinji, the purple color is also used to seek repentance and hope from God and thus making it all the more fitting to use the occasion to campaign against the use of condoms. This, of course, is as they seek repentance on-behalf of those who advocate and use them. They will as well launch a drive to sensitize youth on the dangers of early sex, polygamy, and usage of condoms.

Fr Githinji urged Catholic faithful and other Christians to turn up in large numbers donning purple and help in sensitizing youth, who are the most targeted, to shun condoms. According to him, the usage of condoms contradicts the divine plan to bring new life. He also added that the latex-rubber products are not 100 percent efficient.

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