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Woman Cries Out After Landlord She Dated Dumps Her at Rent Due Date

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a heartfelt revelation on a popular radio show hosted by Auntie Naa, a 30-year-old woman named Afia tearfully recounted the painful ordeal she suffered at the hands of her landlord.

Afia, who makes a living by selling wigs, shared her story with the hope of finding some solace and justice.

Afia’s troubles began when she rented an apartment for two years. Her landlord, whose name remains undisclosed, initially seemed kind and supportive.

He soon professed his love for her, explaining that he was a divorcee. Swayed by his promises, Afia agreed to a romantic relationship, lured by his pledge to extend her rent for three years without charge and cover her utility bills.


However, this arrangement, which seemed too good to be true, quickly unraveled. Afia discovered that the landlord’s claims of being a divorcee were false when his wife unexpectedly returned to the house.

Feeling betrayed and deceived, Afia decided to end the relationship. She demanded a refund for two years’ worth of rent as compensation for the broken promises and emotional turmoil she had endured.

The situation worsened when the landlord, upon the relationship’s end, reneged on his promises entirely. Afia found herself facing an imminent rent payment without the financial support she had been counting on. The betrayal hit hardest just when she was most vulnerable.

Afia’s story resonated with many listeners and online viewers. The video of her emotional account garnered over 600 likes and 3000 comments, reflecting widespread empathy and outrage.

Many expressed their support for Afia and condemned the landlord’s actions.

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