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Safaricom Faces Backlash as Top Kenyan Influencers Switch to Airtel

by Paul Nyongesa
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Safaricom, Kenya’s leading telecommunications company, is facing intense scrutiny and backlash following allegations that it provided information leading to the abduction of several vocal GenZ protestors and intentionally slowed down internet services.

Despite the company’s strong denial of these claims, Kenyans on social media remain unconvinced and are calling for a boycott.

Peter Ndengwa, the CEO of Safaricom, addressed the accusations in a detailed video, vehemently denying any involvement in the abductions.

He reiterated Safaricom’s commitment to adhering to data privacy laws and protecting customer information.


“Safaricom does not disclose customer information or their location. We adhere to the laws of the land in terms of data privacy,” Ndengwa stated. However, his assurances have done little to assuage public concerns.

The controversy has ignited a firestorm on social media, with many Kenyans expressing their dissatisfaction and distrust. The hashtag #RejectFinanceBill2024 has gained traction, with users linking their discontent with the government’s financial policies to their frustration with Safaricom’s alleged actions.

Influencers have also joined the fray, publicly severing ties with Safaricom. Kimanzi, a prominent figure on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), stated, “I am a Kenyan first before anything, this is the passion that fuels me. @SafaricomPLC sided with the oppressors and that led to mass killings and abductions. Is it right to work with a brand? No bag is bigger than human life. I cannot work with them anymore.”

Ben Cyco, a popular musician, announced his decision to pull his music from Safaricom’s Skiza platform. “I’m pulling my music from Skiza platform by @SafaricomPLC. It’s time to part ways with sympathizers,” he declared on X.

Similarly, Dennis Ombachi expressed his disapproval, stating, “Twitter is finally back @LarryMadowo the North will remember. As for the green army on Waiyaki way, I won’t be working with you as your values and mine are not aligned.”

Actress Kate, known online as Kate Actress, also voiced her discontent, proclaiming, “PSA SILENCE IS BETRAYAL! I WILL NO LONGER BE WORKING WITH @SAFARICOMPLC as an influencer, not on our departed brothers’ blood!”

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