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Oscar Sudi Breaks Silence After Angry Gen Zs Looted and Set His Newly Built Multi-Million Club Timba XO on Fire

by Paul Nyongesa
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Kapsaret Member of Parliament, Oscar Sudi, has broken his silence following the looting and arson attack on his newly built multi-million shilling club, Timba XO.

The incident, carried out by a group of angry Gen Z protestors, occurred amidst the escalating tensions surrounding Sudi’s support for the controversial Finance Bill.

Timba XO, a luxurious club located in Eldoret, had recently opened its doors, marking a significant investment by Sudi.

However, the grand opening was marred by chaos as protestors stormed the venue, looted valuables, and subsequently set the establishment on fire, causing extensive damage.


In a heartfelt statement, Sudi alleged that the attack was not a spontaneous outburst but a premeditated act orchestrated by political opponents from the Rift Valley region.

“The looting and vandalism of my newly launched Timba XO club were planned. We know the people who organized it, and the leaders are from home,” he claimed.

Sudi expressed deep sorrow over the incident, emphasizing his lifelong commitment to constructive community efforts.

“I have never in my life planned to destroy people’s property. My work has always been helping people who don’t have parents, building churches, and other things,” he said, highlighting his contributions to society.

In light of the attack, the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) lawmaker announced the suspension of all his planned activities, including charity events and fundraising initiatives, until further notice.

“I will not say anything bad, but since it has become something else, let me also rest and suspend everything that I had planned until further notice,” Sudi stated.

Despite the profound impact of the vandalism, Sudi conveyed a message of resilience and patience.

“You destroyed the county and where people do plans for development or destroy the business belonging to a person from the area. It’s okay. I wish you well,” he added.

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