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Nyeri Actress Cries Out After Husband Dumps Her Despite Building Him a 2-Bedroom House

by Paul Nyongesa
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Winnie Wangui Macharia, a well-known actress from Nyeri, Kenya, has bravely opened up about her tumultuous marriage and the painful lessons she has learned.

Known for her role in the popular TV series “Maria,” Wangui shared her heart-wrenching experiences, hoping to shed light on the challenges many women face in similar situations.

Wangui’s story begins with a whirlwind romance that quickly turned into a nightmare.

She met her husband and was taken to his family home the very next day, where he announced his intention to marry her.


This sudden proposal left her stunned, as she had little time to get to know him. Despite her reservations, she agreed to the marriage, only to find herself in an abusive relationship.

The problems began almost immediately.

Wangui recalls that the mistreatment started right after they got married. One of the major turning points was when their house, built on government land, was partially destroyed by the local chief, leaving them in a dire situation.

“The chief destroyed one wall, so we had a massive opening. We were inside but outside,” she recounted.

Her husband, feeling ashamed of their living conditions, started coming home late, claiming he was looking for a rental property.

Determined to improve their living situation, Wangui decided to build a two-bedroom house on his land using her own money.

Her husband contributed only KSh 60,000. Despite her significant financial and emotional investment in the marriage, it was not enough to save it.

After six years, her husband ended the marriage, leaving Wangui to reflect on her decisions and the reality of her situation.

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