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Ni Uchungu: Kamene Goro Reveals Why She Can’t Have Children

by Paul Nyongesa
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Ni Uchungu: Kamene Goro Reveals Why She Can’t Have Children

Renowned media personality Kamene Goro has candidly shared her reasons for not wanting to have children, shedding light on her personal fears and responsibilities.

Speaking during a reality show, the NRG radio presenter revealed her profound apprehension towards childbirth, a topic that many women find relatable yet seldom discussed openly.

“I feel like the process is extremely scary, and I am still trying to wrap my head around that entire thing,” Kamene admitted, highlighting the intense fear that grips her when thinking about childbirth.


This fear, known as tokophobia, is a recognized psychological condition that affects numerous women worldwide, causing them to dread pregnancy and childbirth.

Kamene also pointed to her existing responsibilities as a significant factor in her decision.

“As we are, we already have his two children. I am still partly a child, and I have two dogs… I don’t think I’m ready,” she elaborated. Kamene’s honesty about feeling unprepared resonates with many who balance career demands, personal growth, and family obligations.

Despite her personal stance, Kamene expressed admiration for her husband, DJ Bonez, praising his exceptional parenting skills. She noted how well he cares for his two children, a boy and a girl, suggesting he would make an excellent father if they ever chose to expand their family.

Recently, Kamene was the subject of speculation among some Kenyans who thought they noticed a baby bump in a video she posted on social media. However, she swiftly dismissed these claims, clarifying that the details in the picture were exaggerated.

Kamene and DJ Bonez celebrated their union last year in a lavish wedding ceremony, capturing public attention. Since then, Kamene has been open about her life choices, contributing to a broader dialogue on women’s autonomy over their bodies and decisions about motherhood.

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