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Lioness Afreeka: Meet Kenyan Musical Sensation Thriving in Sweden

by Paul Nyongesa
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In the vibrant tapestry of global music, few stories resonate with as much perseverance and passion as that of Lioness Afreeka.

A Kenyan reggae artist who found her rhythm in the heart of Sweden, Lioness has carved a niche for herself not only as a musician but also as a steadfast professional in the hospitality industry.

Born with a deep love for reggae, Lioness Afreeka’s musical odyssey began in Kenya, where the rich melodies of Bob Marley and Lucky Dube ignited her passion.

Her decision to move to Sweden was driven by a quest for new horizons and opportunities to expand her musical footprint.


However, the transition was far from easy.

Like many artists navigating unfamiliar territories, Lioness faced the daunting task of establishing herself in a new cultural landscape while balancing the demands of everyday life.

Surviving as an artist abroad demanded unwavering dedication and adaptability. Lioness found herself not only honing her musical craft but also working diligently in hospitality to sustain herself.

Her dual roles as a professional housekeeper and a burgeoning musician in Stockholm epitomize her tenacity and commitment to her dreams.

Despite the challenges, Lioness embraced each hurdle as an opportunity for growth, blending her Kenyan roots with the influences she encountered in Sweden to enrich her musical expression.

In her own words, Lioness emphasizes the importance of discipline and strategic planning in navigating the complexities of pursuing music abroad.

”For aspiring musicians considering an international move, I would encourage them to embrace cultural diversity and remain true to their artistic vision. It’s essential to stay connected to your roots while adapting to new musical influences and opportunities,” She advised

Looking ahead, the Tuliza Boli hitmaker  aspire to continue sharing my music on both local and international stages.

”I hope to collaborate with artists from diverse backgrounds, further expanding the global reach of Kenyan reggae music. My goal is to inspire positive change through music and contribute to the cultural exchange between Kenya and Sweden.” She said.

To find more about Lioness Afreeka and experience her music, visit her on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and listen to her on Spotify.

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