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Lady Who Got Well-Paying Job in the UK Weeps After Working 12-Hour Shift

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a heartfelt video that has since gone viral, a Nigerian lady living in the UK shared her sister’s emotional reaction after completing a grueling 12-hour shift.

The video, posted by @cruisemama5 on TikTok, captures the stark realities many immigrants face while striving to build a better life abroad.

Having moved to the UK in September 2023, @cruisemama5 had been working tirelessly to support her family back home and to bring her younger sister to the UK.

Her younger sibling, who often asked for financial help, now faced the challenging realities of earning a living in a foreign country.


The video starts with the younger sister returning home, initially smiling despite her exhaustion. However, the emotional toll of her first 12-hour shift soon becomes evident as she breaks down in tears. @cruisemama5 is seen comforting her sister, offering a mix of support and amusement at her sibling’s newfound understanding of the hard work required to make money.

In the accompanying caption, @cruisemama5 explains, “I came in September last year and have been working back to back to bring my sister in and to assist my family.

Honestly, it’s not easy at all.” Her words resonate with many who have experienced similar struggles.

The video sparked a wave of reactions on social media, with many sharing their own experiences of working long hours in tough conditions. One commenter, Spicykissy, remarked, “When they are back home, they say cold is no problem, but it’s a different story here.”

Another user, Geenah, shared, “That’s how we get home and cry ourselves to sleep. We still do extra shifts so that we go get extra to give when they bill us, but they no go understand.”

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