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Hatujui Mahali Yuko: Itumbi Now Says Police Don’t Know Whereabouts of Billy Crazy Nairobian Days After Abduction

by Paul Nyongesa
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Digital strategist Dennis Itumbi has raised serious concerns over the mysterious disappearance of content creator Billy Simani, popularly known as Crazy Nairobian. Days after Simani was reportedly abducted, Itumbi has disclosed that the police are uncertain about his whereabouts.

The unfolding drama began with the arrest of Wafula Bwire, initially mistaken by Itumbi as Simani. Bwire, who had been detained for allegedly threatening a senior public official, was released after the complaint was withdrawn.

Alongside him, Stephen Kariuki, who faced similar charges in Nakuru, was also freed. However, the whereabouts of Crazy Nairobian remain a mystery, intensifying public anxiety.

In a statement shared on X (formerly Twitter), Itumbi clarified, “The content creator arrested for threatening a senior public servant is Wafula Bwire – he was freed this evening after the complaint was withdrawn. His relatives received him. Also freed was Stephen Kariuki, who was being held in Nakuru on a similar offence.”


Following the clarification, Itumbi appealed to the public for information on Simani’s location.

“So, where is Billy? Anyone with details on where he was arrested, please DM. Let us trace him. I have also requested the Police to check if Billy Simani is in their custody,” he added.

Pressure has been mounting on Itumbi from X users, especially after influencer Osama Otero hosted a discussion holding Itumbi accountable for the influencer’s fate.

Earlier, Itumbi had claimed Simani was released on a free bond after the withdrawal of the complaint, stating, “Asante, for the withdrawal of the complaint. Crazy Nairobian was released on Free Bond. Enjoy Freedom Billy.”

This declaration, however, was followed by reports of Simani’s abduction, allegedly due to his outspoken criticism of the Finance Bill 2024.

In a twist, Itumbi revealed that the arrest was linked to threatening messages sent by Simani.

He expressed his disagreement with the severity of the response, emphasizing, “I am of the view that INSULTS are part of free speech. Insulting and criticizing public servants should not be treated as a crime. I will leave the jury to decide if sending threatening messages should be treated as a crime. I would personally not bother report to police, but that I leave to the courts to determine.”

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