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Gen Z’s Now Ask Prophet Owuor to Vie for Presidency in 2027, Say They Will Support Him Fully

by Paul Nyongesa
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Youthful demonstrators, popularly referred to as Gen Zs—a term used to describe those born during the late 1990s and early 2000s—have now asked the controversial prophet Dr. David Owuor to run in the upcoming 2027 presidential polls.

Vowing to fully rally behind the Man of God, the youth expressed their anger after Members of Parliament passed the Finance Bill 2024, which they believe will further burden Kenyans.

They stated that Dr. Owuor is the best man to take Kenya forward as they have lost hope with the current regime led by President William Ruto.

They claimed that Owuor is passionate about creating opportunities for all, adding, “With Owuor, we will have a leader who understands our dreams and ambitions.”


“Let’s rally behind his vision for 2027 and support a candidate committed to empowering our generation,” wrote Okerersi, a Gen Z who is also an X user.

Another X user said, “Owuor understands the challenges we face. Gen Z, let’s unite and support a candidate who is committed to finding solutions. #ComeBabyCome Prophet Owuor 2027.”

Kemunto added, “The growing national debt under the current government will be managed better under Prophet Owuor’s fiscal policies. #ComeBabyCome Prophet Owuor 2027.”

Senssy remarked, “Gen Z, let’s put our energy into supporting leaders who offer real hope—like Owuor. Owuor’s dedication to improving our nation is clear and inspiring. #ComeBabyCome Prophet Owuor 2027.”

Their frustrations were further fueled after the controversial Finance Bill 2024 passed the second reading in the National Assembly on Thursday amid street protests in Nairobi and other major towns.

The Bill sailed through with 204 votes in favor and 115 against, angering Kenyans across the country, mainly the youth who have been on the streets since Tuesday.

The Bill, which has been a subject of intense debate and public outcry, aims to introduce new tax measures to raise additional revenue for the government’s budget.

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