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“Distraught Wife Seeks Advice After Finding Another Woman’s Underwear in Husband’s Clothes

by Paul Nyongesa
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A woman has taken to social media, tearfully seeking advice after finding a pair of underwear she suspects belongs to another woman in her husband’s clothing while doing laundry.

In her lengthy message, she said that this is a sign that her husband is cheating on her but wanted advice on how to handle it.

She revealed that she confronted her husband about the underwear she found in his pocket, and he denied knowing how it got there.

The wife said that she later discovered who he was having an affair with through his conversations with another woman.


According to her, she intends to take the underwear to his workplace and give it to the woman as a way to shame her husband at work.

She wrote:

“While I was doing my husband’s laundry last Saturday, I found a woman’s underwear in his back pocket. This only means to me that he had an affair either at the office or in his car, but I’m sure it’s the office because if it were in the car, he wouldn’t have put it in his pocket.

He put it in his pocket to prevent anyone from seeing it, possibly while they were together. He did this before, he was sleeping with a lady at the office, and when a client walked in, they pretended they were doing nothing but had forgotten the lady’s pants beside the desk, which raised suspicion and nearly cost him his job, he only kept his job because it’s a government job. Because of that, I’m sure now he put it in his pocket.

I asked him about it and he said he didn’t know how it got there. I got a chance to go through his phone last night and though I didn’t see anything, I saw that he frequently texts a pretty lady at work and even orders lunch for two almost every afternoon. This made me feel like it was that woman because they use a lot of emojis when texting!

I want to take the panties to his workplace and give them to the woman in front of everyone to create a scene and walk out. I want to do this tomorrow; I hope I’m not overreacting? Please advise me before I take any further steps tomorrow.”

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