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23-Year-Old Woman Who Left the Country for a Well-Paying House Help Job in Qatar Finally Builds Her Parents Ksh 1.7 Million House

by Paul Nyongesa
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23-year-old Mildred Bichanga has realized her dream of building a house for her parents in Kisii County, Kenya.

Growing up in poverty as the firstborn of six children, Mildred had long aspired to provide a better living situation for her family. This dream, however, seemed daunting given their economic circumstances.

After completing high school in 2019, Mildred’s plans for further education were disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Undeterred, she made the bold decision to move to Qatar, where she secured employment as a domestic worker. This move marked the beginning of her determined journey to lift her family out of poverty.

Mildred’s job in Qatar was not without challenges. Despite the hardships she faced as a house help, she remained resolute, driven by the tough conditions back home and the promise she had made to her mother. She diligently saved her salary, slowly amassing the funds needed to build a house.

“I refused to give up whenever I remembered the tough times at home,” Mildred shared. “I had promised my mother, and I was determined to keep it.”

In 2023, Mildred’s efforts came to fruition. She began constructing a three-bedroom house for her parents, which was completed in just four months. The project, including furniture, cost her approximately KSh 1.7 million. The house stands as a testament to her hard work and dedication.

Mildred’s journey was not without opposition. She faced discouragement from her step-family, who doubted her ability to change their circumstances. Yet, their negativity only strengthened her resolve.

“They do not want to see us successful. That is one reason that pushes me daily,” Mildred explained. “I promised my mother that I would make life easier and better for her.”

Mildred’s story is a powerful reminder of the importance of caring for one’s parents. She encourages other young people to provide for their parents while they are still alive, emphasizing that parental blessings are vital for success.

“To make it in life, you need your parents’ blessings. What better way to do that than by making them happy?” she said.

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