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UDA Leaders and Kenyans React to Alleged Viral Video of Millicent Omanga

by Paul Nyongesa
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Chief Administrative Secretary Millicent Omanga from the Ministry of Interior has become a top trending topic on Twitter after the alleged release of a video that shows her in a compromising situation.

However, the motive behind the video’s release remains unclear, and social media users in Kenya are sharing diverse opinions on the matter. It is also unknown who leaked the video, which allegedly shows a woman, presumed to be Omanga, lying naked and unconscious on a bed, and when the video was recorded.

Different internet users have expressed varied opinions about the sharing of such videos, while the motive behind the release remains undisclosed.

For example, a Twitter user named Ja Migori made a comment in a humorous tone about Omanga’s physical appearance.

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu also took to Twitter to express her opinion, stating that there is nothing to be ashamed of in the video and shifting the focus to the person who took and shared the video.

” Yes i have seen the video mnanitumia. Theres absolutely nothing to be ashamed of there.
We have all been sleeping butt naked at some point what is the big deal! The focus must immediately shift from the woman to the fool taking that video.

Kwani wewe ni mtoto? What is your intention? There are women you cant bring down. Shenzi kabisa wewe. Infact nimeskia wakisema anakaa fiti sana. Mimi Kelvin Shaban ameniambia ata strungle ka nugu nayo. Keep your head up Hon. Millicent Omanga.”

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