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“Tumechoka Na Hatutaki Aibu Zako Wachana Na Ruto ” Luo Elders Dump Raila Odinga

by Paul Mbogga
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Luo elders interviewed have revealed their stand in supporting Nyanza kingpin Raila Odinga.

“Tumechoka na wewe hatutaki aibu zako wachana na Ruto “, Luo elder says.

According to the elder he said that Raila Odinga has fought for this country for a long time, and he should be celebrated as a hero. He also said that Kenyans are tired of the former prime minister Raila Odinga’s call for demonstrations. This comes days after Raila Odinga cancelled Jamhuri Day anti-government rally that was to happen at Jacaranda grounds.

Raila has lost elections not but a couple of times and he is still trying to win the presidency.

He said that Kenyans should not shed blood in the name of demonstrations. Nobody should be involved in political fights anymore.

The elder, in addition, said that it is time for Raila and Kenyans who support Raila to accept that William Samoei Ruto is the president.

In other news, People Daily, have left network talking on different social media platforms. This os after they shared this news concerning vote recount in Homabay county kicking off today after court’s order.

According to the source, Homabay gubernatorial elections petition has kicked off where by the recount will be taking place at 195 poling stations.

Now, this news concerning Homabay gubernatorial election vote recount across 195 poling station kicking off, has gone viral on different social media platforms where by, it’s sparking mixed reactions currently.

Many are out to say that Kidero should stop challenging Wang’s win since everyone has moved on from elections mood while, others are out asking some more details concerning the 195 polling stations that vote recount will be taking place at the same time.

Elsewhere, According to a publication by the Star magazine, it has been reported that since her untimely impeachment, residents have so far collected over 90,000 signatures to dissolve the county government soon rather than later.

As per the source, Meru residents decided to do so because they have not been able to progress since the conclusion of August polls because of the wrangles that existed between the governor and the MCAs.

They now intend to send the signatures to the Senate and that will see many MCAs who were fighting the Govonor sent home.

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