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The day Prophet Owuor went to heaven and anointed Jesus’ seat

by Samantha Ruth
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In 2019, reports emerged of Prophet Owuor, the founder of the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness, claiming to have visited heaven and anointed Jesus’ seat.
According to accounts, Mama Rosa Chepochesau, 59, who had reportedly “died twice,” was among those whom Owuor had allegedly resurrected through a text message from his mobile phone.

Another testimony came from former district commissioner John Litunda, who claimed that Owuor had “snatched him from the teeth of the dead.” However, whether these incidents were actual deaths and resurrections or fabrications remained a matter of conjecture.

The events leading to Owuor referring to himself as the two biblical prophets Moses and Elijah began in July 2018, during one of his crusades. Owuor stated that he had seen the two prophets of the Lord walking on their own, with one appearing “super-glorious and glowing” and wearing white shoes and clothes.

He emphasized that they were two distinct entities and cautioned the audience to address them appropriately, noting that one was taller than the other. It was around this time that Owuor began to wear matching flowing suits and exclusively white shoes and clothes.

Owuor claimed to have had further experiences of touring heaven and holding discussions with God and Jesus Christ. In May 2018, he stated that he was lifted into heaven by the Lord Jehovah, where he witnessed tremendous glory and was handed a bottle of olive by God the Father. He then went down on his knees and anointed the seat of the Messiah. These claims positioned Owuor as a central figure in his ministry, with followers who believed in his miraculous abilities.

Despite skepticism from some quarters, Owuor’s followers were unwavering in their faith. They went to great lengths to prepare for his crusades, sweeping and washing roads with soap in anticipation of his triumphant arrival.

Some even left salaried jobs to join his ministry. Cynthia Jelagat Ng’etich, who had been worshipping at Owuor’s ministry since 2005, attested to his miracles, including healing over 1,000 HIV-positive patients and curing leprosy in a baby named Shirleen. However, there were also allegations of fabricated stories and paid actors by detractors who doubted Owuor’s claims.

Rev Loice Okello, a counseling psychologist, viewed Owuor’s rise as a messiah-like figure through the lens of religious fanaticism. She attributed it to Owuor presenting himself as someone who fulfilled specific needs in society, which garnered him a following of devoted believers. Notwithstanding, there were critics who viewed Owuor’s ministry as cultish or sensationalized.

Owuor’s ministry had also gained attention for his prayers for prominent political figures in Kenya, including Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga, and William Ruto, among others. His influence extended beyond his religious following and had an impact on the political landscape in the country.

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