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‘That’s foolishness’ Karen Nyamu responds after Edday Nderitu’s outburst

by Samantha Ruth
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Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has recently defended her relationship with Mugiithi singer Samidoh after his wife, Edday Nderitu, called her out for constantly disrespecting their family. Despite the backlash, Nyamu stands her ground and insists that her children with Samidoh deserve recognition too.

Nyamu’s response came after a follower warned her about the consequences of breaking another woman’s family. The senator, however, rebutted the claim and said that the real evil woman is not her.

“You are so wicked Nyamu. Are you happy destroying someone’s marriage? You will pay for it. Remember curses are generational and so be careful when you are making another woman shed a tear. Your time is coming and be ready to face the same situation,” the follower said.

To which the senator responded: “That is your foolishness. Am I not a woman and are my children not children? The real evil woman is not me.”

On the other hand, Samidoh’s wife lamented about her troubled marriage with the singer and how his relationship with Nyamu has caused her pain for the past three years. She has made it clear that she will not raise her children in a polygamous family with a woman who does not respect her.

Samidoh and Edday have been together for 15 years and have three children. Meanwhile, Nyamu has two children with the singer. Despite the ongoing drama, the musician has remained silent and has yet to comment on the issue.

This controversy has raised questions about the morality of extramarital affairs and polygamous relationships. While some argue that it is acceptable as long as all parties involved are aware and consenting, others believe that it is a violation of the sanctity of marriage and can cause emotional harm to the affected parties.

Regardless of the ongoing debate, it is important to remember that infidelity and disrespecting one’s family can have long-lasting consequences. As public figures, Samidoh, Karen Nyamu, and Edday Nderitu should be aware of the impact of their actions on their fans and the public at large.

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