The first flying car makes its maiden liftoff, reaches 1500ft above ground

AirCar - The Flying Car Passed Flight Tests. Next Stop: Driving a New Market

Professor Stefan Klein of Slovakia launched his maiden flying car today, his company Klein Vision is now moving to 3 & 4 seaters. During the test, the vehicle reached 1500 feet altitude. AirCar and Electric Cars is the new normal for many companies.

Boris Johnson, The Prime Minister, of the United Kingdom also called for phasing out of cars fueled entirely on gasoline and diesel, by 2030.

They are expecting 30 million electric cars on their roads by 2040, already their energy and transport industries are gearing on for the change.

“The increasing EV demand is a positive signal for the whole EV value chain from charge point operators to energy suppliers, as well as lending support to the U.K.’s decarbonization ambitions,” said Jacob Briggs, senior consulting analyst at Cornwall Insight.

The United Kingdom is moving 10 years ahead of its initial plan. Their policymakers are working around the clock to achieve this plan.

According to Johnson’s plan, the United Kingdom will need  12 billion pounds ($16 billion) of support for green industries. It would put the U.K. ahead of France and Spain, which have 2040 target dates for phasing out traditional engines, and in line with Ireland and the Netherlands.

The only country with a more ambitious target for such a ban is Norway, with a date of 2025. “There is huge capability across the network to go and deliver assets of the nature, it’ll create more jobs.”

When European countries are competing to utilize their green energy deal, our Kenya Power has no directions, they are still pilling 20% increment to the users.

Capable and producing companies in Kenya are already moving to Solar Energy to save on production costs and maximize proceeds.

2040 is too soon, European countries, are going to use Africa as their dumping site for gasoline and diesel engines. Our environmental conversation unit is not saying anything about improving our roads and energy production to meet half what the big tech companies are doing.

Providing cheap labor and land for companies advancing such techniques is the simplest measure to catch up. Africa must not remain behind for ages, the world has moved to a portable device, technology can be shared when the right policy prevails.

It’s a big challenge to our leaders, we want to advance the wheelbarrow economics or lay low to the leading brothers to come and provide jobs to our youths in manufacturing and exporting such vehicles.

China provided cheap labor, they are now dominating in the world tech front, we can find a landing if we are interested, nothing can stop Africa if we engage the right mindset, my dream always for Kenya to lead Africa in championing the new front of technology.

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