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    Amina finally addresses last year’s on-air meltdown and attack on co-host

    Ever since last year’s infamous and dramatic meltdown by The Trend’s host Amina Abdi Rabar, she and her co-host have continued hosting, show after show week after week acting like nothing happened, and ignoring the obvious elephant in the room. However, finally, in what seemed like a concerted effort by Amina to put aside her […] More

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    Daddy Marto; I knew all along omosh would squander the cash- I know him personally

    Actor, online content Creator and resident guest of the entertainment show The Trend, Daddy Marto, has now come out to say that even as people are in outrage, protesting against fellow actor Joseph Kinuthia, popularly known as Omosh for asking for more money, it is something that he expected. Marto has said that he knows […] More

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    Media wars; Nation top presenter takes a shot at Royal Media Services over Prof. Hamo’s firing

    The whole hullaballoo surrounding the recent dismissal of popular comedian Professor Hamo from Hot 96 following a paternity row with fellow comedian Jemutai doesn’t seem to be anywhere close to ending. In fact the feud seems to have escalated, from boy-child defenders versus feminists, to now media houses throwing shade at each other.   Unlike […] More

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    Bahati is my role model, declares the most raw entertainer in the country

    Popular gospel singer Bahati has been constantly surrounded by controversy for a while now. Most of the news which emerges about him is either scandalous or click bait. Nothing serious about him is ever said nowadays. However, in a surprising turn of events, Bahati got a mention from the most unlikely of people, something that […] More

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    Embarambamba drops phone number on live TV, and it’s going through! 07262042…

    Kenyan Report can now authoritatively confirm and reveal all the ten digits of the verified phone number of entertainer, stuntman and top Kisii singer, Embarambamba. The high-powered singer shared his personal phone number publicly in a bid to get the Kenya Film Board Commission chairman Ezekiel Mutua to reach out to him after he made […] More

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    NTV’s Amina Abdi in mourning after losing nonagenarian grandma to vaccine complications

    Celebrated NTV presenter cum singer Amina Abdi Rabar is in mourning following the untimely demise of her nonagenarian grandma. Breaking the sad news on her social media account, the trend host revealed that the old lad succumbed due to complications developed from the Covid-19 vaccine recently received. “We lost her due to complications with the […] More

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    Am not done with you yet; Ugandan minister forces Amina to apologise for a second straight week.

    Chances are that when Amina Abdi Rabar was spewing fake news about Ugandan Health Minister Jane Ruth Aceng, she didn’t know that the person she was messing with is actually the Ugandan Matiang’i.   She may be a woman, but no man in Uganda dares mess with Jane Ruth Aceng. Whenever she enters a room, […] More

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    Eric Omondi shocks fans by disclosing he’s not entirely Luo.

    It has been barely months since top comedian and radio presenter Doctor King’ori shocked the entire nation after dropping a bombshell that he is a Luo by tribe.All along, he had come across  as someone from the Mount Kenya region. Doctor King’ori revealed that the reason he had concealed the real identity of his ethnic […] More

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    Uganda’s furious Health Minister visits hellfire and brimstone on Amina Abdi and the Trend

    One can only imagine how it all went down, when Amina Abdi saw the call from a Ugandan State Office. She probably thought that perhaps she was being called to MCee a State Function in Kampala, or maybe the Ugandan government wanted to give her honorary citizenship because of her exemplary work as an entertainer. […] More