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    Here is the Video of Millie Odhiambo Narrating how Doctors Accused her of Aborting Every Month During Her Tender Age

    Millie Odhiambo the Suba North Member of Parliament painfully narrates how the doctors ashamed her on several occasions for abortions when she was young following her health issue. Speaking at Citizen TV’s JKL live hosted by Jeff Koinange, Millie expressed her feeling and told Jeff she letter discovered she had fibroids that’s why she could not bear a […] More

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    Bring Back Illegitimate Children Home, MillIe Odhiambo Orders Husband.

    Suba North MP, Millie Odhiambo, is argued to be one of the most fierce among the women leaders in the Country. The Suba North MP has declared that she was willing to accept her Zimbabwean husband, Magugu Mabona’s illegitimate children, if at all they exist. The MP echoed this statement while she was speaking on Monday, during the ground-breaking […] More

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    Millie Mabona allegedly Hurls Insults at Journalists Following Story on Massive Theft of Tax Payers Money

    Mbita MP Millie Mabona Odhiambo wears controversy like a badge of honor- in fact, roadside political aficionados allege that it was her insults towards President Uhuru that charmed the heart of the charged pro ODM voters in her constituency that saw her surmount a tough battle to retain her seat. When she is insulting fellow […] More

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    Suba North MP Millie Mabona Expounds on her tough Political journey, the mysterious killings of women in Kenya

    The Suba North MP Hon Millie Mabona takes us though her tough Political journey, family life, status of the nation, women leadership and most importantly the mysterious killings of women in Kenya. Is she planning to vie for the Homabay gubernatorial seat?? please watch the Kenyan Report exclusive interview done by our host anchor Jean Ayacko; More