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    New details emerge as Government goes after Obado’s palatial home

    Just weeks after making peace with his party leader Raila Odinga, and sponsor party ODM embattled Migori Governor Zachary Okoth Obado is once again under fire. The County boss is in trouble as Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) officials are targeting a multi-million mansion linked to him in a graft case. Reports indicate that the […] More

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    ODM party convenes an urgent meeting

    Following political tussle that had been witnessed in the recent past within the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party, the party through its top brass has organized for a meeting. The party through its leader Raila Odinga, has been drumming support for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report which saw its members attend the meeting in […] More

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    Migori is a hustler stronghold-DP Ruto’s team declare after splashing millions ahead of Obado’s impeachment [Photos]

    Deputy President William Ruto’s allies have today declared Migori County a Hustler Stronghold after a series of meetings ahead of Governor Okoth Obado’s impeachment motion. The team that was led by Raila Odinga’s former aide, Eliud Owalo the leaders traversed Migori county, holding meetings with the political activities culminating in the launch of the Hustler […] More

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    Law-maker’s arm broken in ugly fight [Video]

    Drama was witnessed today morning at the Migori County Assemblies as the MCAs engaged in fistfights, differing over the impeachment motion of Governor Okoth Obado. In a video going round in the social media, the MCAs are seen roughing up one another, as they shout at the same time. Other lawmakers are also seen in […] More

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    ODM’s secret meetings exposed ahead of dramatic showdown with DP Ruto’s point man

    Migori Governor Okoth Obado has claimed that the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party held a secret meeting with Migori Members of the County Assembly to plan for his impeachment. Obado claimed that Migori Senator Ochillo Ayako met Migori Members of the County Assembly in Kisii County and came up with ten allegations that will be […] More

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    DP Ruto’s hand in ODM’s decision to impeach Okoth Obado

    Details have emerged of Deputy President William Ruto’s hidden hand in ODM’s bold decision to impeach Migori governor Okoth Obado. Sources familiar with the matter divulged that the orange party decided to throw Obado under the bus due to his close relationship with the DP, something that was unsettling the orange party. Notably, ODM recently […] More

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    Obado and his four children freed at last

    Migori Governor Okoth Obado has been released from jail by Milimani Court Chief Magistrate Lawrence Mugambi on a Kenya Shillings 8.7 Million cash bail or Kenya Shillings 20 Million bond and barred from accessing Migori County. On his bail ruling, Mugambi ordered that Governor Obado pay Ksh. 8.7 Million cash bail or Ksh. 20 Million […] More