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    Benefits of being an early bird

    It is only 10 minutes to 5 a.m. as I write this. Everyone else is asleep aside from me and the cat softly curled around my feet. I mean, I could easily have left it until the “standard” waking up time, but the early bird inside me won’t stand for it. Not that am complaining. […] More

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    Cactus; the new beauty regiment in town

    Women are known to go to all out when it comes to getting that blemish free beautiful face. As such, they will often go to the extent of mixing any and all types of concoction to achieve this seemingly elusive quality. It is thus comes as no surprise when Nairobi women  are  now scrambling for […] More

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    How to know when to or not to quit

    Most people have been faced with this dilemma at some point in their professional lives. Unfortunately, not many have weighed their options well enough to make the correct decision, and in turn continue to feel the snowballing consequences. On the other hand, sometimes it’s clear when you need to quit your job. For example if […] More