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    Ledama Ole Kina’s call on youths to grab power in 2022 elicits mixed reactions from Twitter

    Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina has today challenged the Kenyan youth youths calling on them to take advantage of their biggest asset and ascend to the Country leadership in the wake of the 2022 general elections. Taking to his official account on Twitter the fiery senator took a swipe on the young generation, stating that […] More

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    Ledama Ole Kina Makes U-Turn After Kindiki’s Ouster, Pledges Loyalty ODM Leader Raila

    The vocal Narok county Senator Ledama Ole Kina has made an about-turn after Tharaka Nithi Senator Kithure Kindiki ouster from Senate Deputy Speaker going ahead to declare his loyalty to the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party and the party leader Raila Odinga. In the recent past Ledama was at a warpath with his ODM party […] More


    Fireworks as Ledama is Finally Kicked Out of Senate Public Accounts Committee

    Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka has officially kicked out Narok Senator Ledama ole Kina from the County Public Accounts and Investments Committee (CPAIC) where he was elected as the chairperson. In a letter dated Thursday 7 May 2020, the Senate Speaker wrote to CPAIC Vice-chairperson who is also the Kiambu County Senator Kimani Wamatangi informing him […] More

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    REVEALED: Secret Connection between DP Ruto and Ledama Ole Kina.

    Reactor review analysis Driven by spite, revenge, greed and hunger for power, Deputy President William Ruto has undeniably bought politicians and planted ‘moles’ camouflaged as leaders to propagate his agenda. Divide and rule, revive tribalism and further divide Kenyans in order to gain power; those are the DP’s agenda. Has he not openly said it […] More

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    Confusion as Raila’s ODM Party Issues Notice to Cancel Defiant Ole Kina’s Appointment to Senate’s Public Accounts Committee

    Opposition leader Raila Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party has issued a notice to kick out the Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina from a key position in Senate Committee. In a letter addressed to the Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka, Siaya County Senator James Orengo issued a notice stating the Opposition party will be ejected Ole […] More