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    War drums as Rigathi now declares that their Juja win had nothing to do with PEP

    The Kiambaa by-election is now looking like the next battlefront between warring factions within the hustler umbrella.   As the ecstasy of their unexpected and spectacular win in the Juja by-election over the Jubilee candidate during the Tuesday poll begins to wear off, some new realities that the tanga tanga brigade might not have foreseen […] More

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    Jubilee party speaks, unveils new strategy after the humiliating losses in recent by-elections

    Barely a day after humiliating losses in the just concluded by-elections, the ruling Jubilee party has come up with a new strategy in handling subsequent elections moving forward. The party through the National Management Committee, yesterday 20 May 2021 noted that it will begin a face to face interviews for the upcoming Kiambaa constituency and […] More