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    Shameful sexual claims that threaten to ruin Betty Barasa’s memory now emerge

    In a development that might further add to the agony that the grieving bereaved Betty Barasa’s family is already undergoing, claims of an extra-marital affair, huge influential connections and bureaucratic patronage that is even pulling in a paramilitary unit of the police in the mix, are now beginning to emerge. The KBC video editor was […] More

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    David Matsanga speaks on his fallout with Ruto; he hurt me after I saved him from ICC

    It hasn’t escaped people’s attention that outspoken lawyer and head of the Pan African Forum, Mr. David Matsanga, has recently turned into a bitter Ruto critic.     Nowadays, whenever he finds himself on an international platform and the topic of Kenyan politics comes up, he uses the opportunity to bash the DP.All this, yet […] More

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    Wonderful surprise in Betty Barasa’s household less than fortnight since her brutal murder

    Less than two weeks ago, on Wednesday the 7th, this month, a heinous crime was committed in Betty Barasa’s Kajiado homestead.   Barasa was shot dead by suspected robbers shortly after she arrived at her home. The 41-year-old was accosted while driving in from her KBC workplace and ordered out of her Toyota Prado TX […] More

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    Strange ritualistic behaviour of the killers before they shot Betty Barasa

    Since the chilling murder of KBC video editor Betty Barasa on Wednesday in her Kajiado home by armed gunmen, authorities and investigative agencies have been trying to put together the pieces, and figure out what motive might have led to the cold-blooded execution. Nevertheless, fresh attention is now being focused on some of the actions […] More

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    Grief stricken KBC presenter unable to read news of colleague’s death

    Although the sudden news of Betty Barasa’s death has gripped the entire nation since it broke out yesterday morning, the tragic incident appears to have had a particularly devastating effect on Betty’s workmates at the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, KBC. This was clearly the case with Good Morning Kenya host, and news anchor, Regina Manyara, popularly […] More

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    KBC Journalist Betty Mutekhele has passed on

    Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) journalist and video editor Betty Mutekhele is dead. Betty was shot dead by suspected robbers on Wednesday night, April 7, 2021 in her residential home in Ngong, Kajiado County. According to a source who had requested for anonymity revealed that Mutekhele was shot dead by three armed robbers who accompanied her into her house […] More

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    2 K24 TV anchors land new government jobs months after firing

    Two former K24 Television news anchors have finally landed new government jobs a few months after they were fired by their employer. The two broadcasters, Ahmed Juma Bhalo and Nancy Onyancha inked new deals with the government-owned broadcasting station, months after being showed the door. Confirming the good news, Ahmed Bhalo said he will be […] More

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    Stranded veteran journalist Leonard Mambo Mbotela appeals for help

    Veteran radio and TV presenter Leonard Mambo Mbotela has appealed to Kenyans to come to his rescue. The journalist who is a household name and one of Kenya’s most celebrated heroes appealed to well-wishers to help in offsetting a medical bill at the Nairobi South Hospital where he is presently receiving treatment. This was revealed […] More

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    First Lady Margaret Kenyatta is running the Beyond Zero Marathon to improve maternal healthcare in Kenya. The entire program has however been questioned in terms of transparency and how responsive it is to the needs of the common mwananchi. Some of the “on-the spur” decisions that have been rendered ineffective include the mobile clinics some […] More