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    Dynasty ya mamako!!! Raila-Ruto clash threatens to turn ugly

    In a scene reminiscent of the heated 2013 presidential election campaigns when the then TNA candidate Uhuru Kenyatta shouted in a rally that Hague and ICC didn’t belong to Raila’s mother, the current impassioned political rallies seem to be following a similar trajectory. Yesterday, during a BBI popularisation tour in Westlands constituency, Nairobi County, pronouncements […] More

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    List of 6 top tanga tanga leaders from dynasty families.

    While tanga tanga asserts that it represents those from obscure unknown families in a spirited push against prominent families which they’ve christened dynasties, quite a number of their leaders are from the so called dynasties.  Top on the list is Emukua Dikir MP, Johana Ng’eno. While to most Kenyans, Johana Ng’eno cuts the figure of […] More