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    Shock, disbelief and embarrassment; Wanjigi orders Kshs 67,000 trouser, then can’t pay

    First was the disbelief that a single trouser could cost 67, 000, then the embarrassment that followed afterwards. A dramatic fallout between tycoon Jimmy Wanjigi and high-end couture fashion designer Ravello has spilled over into a public spectacle, with the aggrieved designer now sharing WhatsApp messages with everyone. The messages allegedly reveal details of a […] More

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    9 Billionaires who control Kenya’s politics [Photos]

    Several tycoons backed by deep pockets and international connections have been at the forefront of Kenya’s politics, reportedly bankrolling campaigns for top presidential election candidates. While some opt to pull the strings behind the curtains, others take sides and openly come out, actively campaigning for their candidates of choice. Below is a list of billionaires […] More

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    Jimmy Wanjigi flies to Bondo hours after Kikuyu Council of Elders visit

    Business magnate and member of the NASA Secretariat of 2017 flew to Bondo on Sunday morning, just hours after Kikuyu Council of Elders and their Luo counterparts burried the generations old hate between the two communities. Wanjigi, together with former Machakos Senator Johstone Muthama and Economist Dr David Ndii are said to have fallen out […] More