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    CBK Reminds Banks Over Money Launders Few Days to September 30 D-Day to Return Ksh 1000 Old Notes

    The Kenyan Banks regulator, Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) now calling upon the commercial banks to be extra vigilant to prevent taking in fake currency ahead of old Sh1000 end-use on September 30. CBK’s Banking Supervision Department on 13 September circular, the regulator warned that it would take action against any commercial bank that fails […] More

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    Kenyan Shilling Takes a Nose Dive Against The Dollar

    The last time the Kenyan shilling stood at Sh104.25/35 per dollar was in 2015, and today, the shilling just touched the line with fingers pointing at importer demand and excess liquidity in the money market. The central bank’s big dog governor Patrick Njoroge, had earlier refuted claims of money market’s concerns about the impact of […] More