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    Anerlisa Mugai shares surprise messages from her hubby

    Anerlisa Muigai has revealed details of surprise messages that her husband Ben Pol has been sending to her for sixth time in a raw. The Keroche heiress has stated that her husband Ben Pol who is a singer has been sharing with her messages on her social media about babies. Anerlisa took to her social […] More

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    Keroche Heiress Rounds Up On Body Shamers

    We all know that when you are loved right and eat the right food, sprouting some curves is not questionable. Unluckily, this common knowledge is not so common to body shamers who are quick to notice an addition or two up the weight scale. Keroche heiress, Anerlisa Muigai, who has continually been bullied for being […] More

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    Anerlisa Muigai Not Ready To Give Birth Just Yet

    For most mothers, pregnancy and motherhood are heady brews of excitement and anticipation and, often, loneliness. Taking to Instagram, the Keroche Breweries heir shared a photo of herself holding a baby and revealed how she loves spoiling and spending time with them. Anerlisa claimed she loves babies and is good around them but the thought […] More