Ndindi Nyoro reveals what has been protecting DP Ruto from Raila and OKA Principals after the handshake.


Kiharu Member of Parliament Ndindi Nyoro has finally revealed what has been protecting the Deputy President William Ruto from his political competitors after the March 2018 handshake.

Speaking to K24 on Tuesday night, Nyoro said the Deputy President was only occupying his office courtesy of the 2010 Constitution. He alleges that without the 2010 Constitution, William Ruto would have been kicked of the of the government.

He says after the 2018 handshake, Odinga and the One Kenya Alliance (OKA) Principals moved and displaced the second in command in government.

“We all know that the DP is only there courtesy of the Constitution of Kenya. The government now is not the one we elected in 2017, currently it is a government Constitution by Uhuru and Tinga (Raila Odinga) and the OKA Principals,” Nyoro claimed.

On his part Migori County senator Ochilo Ayacko defended Odinga saying that he was only helping the President handle state matters after his deputy turned rogue.

Since President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Premier Raila Odinga – the “official” leader of the opposition who has more acces to state resources than the country’s second in command – walked out of the most powerful office in the land holding hands, giggling and laughing, it has not been the same for DP Ruto.

With the handshake, the Deputy President’s journey has been filled with holes, heaped with the thorns and filled with smoke – it has been bumpy.

His last four years in power have been filled with contempt from his juniors, ridicule from the President’s and Mr Odinga’s lieutenants and the most recent stab at his ego – the cancellation of his trip to Uganda after the state refused to clear him at Wilson airport.

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    Written by Paul nyongesa

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