National Super League clubs protest Football Caretaker Committee’s seeming inability to manage the league

Barely weeks after the resumption of football activities run by the Football Kenya Federation Caretaker Committee, concerns risen over the integrity in the running of the National Super League.

There has emerged information that the league’s professionalism is now in jeopardy as the second tier runs into turmoil.

According to a Migori Youth chairman Abdi Azziz, the league now has people using their influence in the appointment of match referees while teams don’t get fixtures and league standings in time.

“We seem to have slipped back to the old days. People are compromising the appointment of referees to have those who will favour them. The National Super League now we are not getting our standings or fixtures. The caretaker committee promised professionalism but that has not been affected,” He said.

“We don’t get to be furnished with players cautions like yellow card or even red cards history meaning even an ineligible player can be fielded since this information has neo been provided,” He lamented.

It was alleged that the caretaker committee has not put in place a structure through which clubs can channel their complaints.

“Most fixtures are sent by a fellow club official pointing at the glaring flows with the management of the league. The said official also has a big say in the appointment of the referees who officiate matches involving his team. Since there are no fixtures, sometimes teams don’t know who they play next,” Azziz lamented.

Murang’a Seal FC who Monday sent an email to the committee secretariat chief executive Lindah Ogutu regarding clarifications and the way forward to forestall a crisis.

The committee’s head of competitions Ali Nour recently addressed issues of management and planning, saying they are looking at ways of resolving bottlenecks going forward.

The email from Murang’a Seal reads in part: “We would like to bring to your attention that a majority of the NSL teams have resolved to have the league put on hold for at least three weeks for the following reasons, amongst others: Some teams do not have player cards and therefore it is possible that ineligible players are being fielded; You have not been supplying match statistics to the teams therefore we have no knowledge of suspended or all cautioned players.”’

The email went further: “Teams are undergoing financial difficulties and you have not remitted the money that you promised; Referees have not been paid so far which leaves room for compromise of officiating; We are not aware of who is appointing referees and the criteria of appointment;

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    Written by Paul nyongesa

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