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Shocking: Husband Kills Wife After Catching Her in Bed with Another Man

by Samantha Ruth
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A man in Mombasa County has admitted to killing his wife in self-defense after he caught her half-naked with another man in their matrimonial bed. Evans Katuti appeared before Mombasa Chief Magistrate Martha Mutuku and pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges for killing his wife, Anna Kambua Mwakavi on February 26, 2023, within Migadini area of Chaani location in Changamwe Constituency.

On the fateful day, Katuti went to a nearby bar and restaurant to watch his favorite English Premier League side, Manchester United, beat Newcastle United in the Carabao Cup finals. Upon arriving at his one-roomed house at around 10 pm, he found his wife Kambua with a stranger half-naked in their bed. The suspect asked his wife who the stranger was, and she reportedly answered rudely that he was her lover, prompting a scuffle.

During the altercation, Kambua allegedly grabbed her husband’s manhood and testicles, squeezed them, and almost uprooted them as she pulled them with a lot of force. Katuti then grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed her twice in her stomach. The stranger, realizing the danger, escaped from the house while the suspect locked the door from the outside with a padlock and boarded a vehicle to flee the scene.

While on his way out of town, Katuti informed his relatives what had happened, and they advised him to surrender to the nearest police station. He surrendered to the Mtito Andei Police Station, and the officer in charge contacted his counterparts in Changamwe, who collaborated with his story. He was later transported back to Mombasa to answer manslaughter charges.

In court, Katuti told the Chief Magistrate that he killed his wife in self-defense after she grabbed his manhood and testicles, forcing him to react. He pleaded guilty to the charges of manslaughter for killing his wife, Anna Kambua Mwakavi. The court will give a ruling on the sentence on April 17th, 2023.

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