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Shock as MC Teargas exposed for impregnanting his househelp popularly known as ‘Mama Fua’

by Paul Nyongesa
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Popular reggae Deejay Mc Teargas, also known as Baba Dede, has been hit with shocking allegations after his ex-girlfriend, Julie Njoki, accused him of impregnating his househelp, who is commonly referred to as “Mama Fua.”

Njoki, who is also an entertainer going by the stage name Julie The DJ, took to social media to make the allegations and accused the hype man of constantly cheating on her.

In a long post, Njoki accused Mc Teargas of cheating on her for eight months before she left him. She also claimed that he had a history of infidelity and did not care about their children.

She went on to threaten to release a video of Mc Teargas assaulting her in front of their firstborn.

“A woman who loves you will stick with you no matter what, that woman is your mother, not me. Mlisema amani ya mwanaume is you let them cheat in peace, you were cheating for 8 months before I left and you’re the victim here ama ni vile you called me na private number jana mwanaume akashika now you’re pissed. A man who says analea mtoto halafu the following year kuna mwingine Kwa njia na pia 2021 let your mama fua tell us mahali alipeleka your 3rd child while I was still living with you my business partner. Shame on you for bringing kids into this you don’t love any of them. If you did you’d do better.” Njoki ranted in a long post.

The allegations have shocked the music industry and Mc Teargas’s fans, who have expressed their disappointment on social media. Many have called on the Deejay to address the allegations and clear his name.

The news comes just weeks after a leaked video of another popular Deejay, Dj Brownskin, appeared to show him filming his late wife while she committed suicide. The incident sparked outrage on social media, with many calling for his arrest and prosecution.

The music industry has been rocked by a series of scandals in recent months, with allegations of sexual harassment, infidelity, and substance abuse among some of its biggest stars.

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