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Shock as Man Sneaks Into Daughter’s Bedroom, Engages In The Act As Mother Sleeps

by Paul Nyongesa
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Shock as man Sneaks Into Daughter’s Bedroom, Engages In The Act As Mother Sleeps

A 45-year-old man is in Police custody in Lugari Sub-County for reportedly engaging in the shameful act with his nine years old daughter as the mother was in deep sleep after attending a night vigil a head of a funeral.

Alex Juma from Lukusi village, Mbagara Sub-Location is said to have left his bed in the middle of Wednesday night last week and forcefully laid with his daughter at her room as the mother was asleep. .

The mother, even after realising the act had happened after seeing her blood stained clothes and the sudden disappearance of the husband, she remained silent until a community health worker with support from the neighbours informed the area chief.

According to Mautuma Location Chief Pamela Kulali, the child was Saturday evening taken to Mautuma health centre by neighbours and medical examination report confirmed the girl had been abused.

“The child just explains everything that took place that night, the father went where she sleeps, removed her clothes,” said chief Kulali.

Kulali added that the blood stained clothes indicates that the heinous act from the father was injurious.

The chief blamed the mothers for failing to report so many other unreported incidents in the area. She said children were suffering silently because mothers cannot report their husbands to relevant authorities.

“Our people don’t report these things, especially mothers, imagine the incident took place on Wednesday and we are getting reports today,” she lamented.


‘Na Mambo Bado’ End Of The Road Of Notorious Gang As Police Officers Take Action

14 suspects linked to the infamous “Mbogi La Izraim Territory”, a criminal ring that has been terrorizing marketeers in Kakamega are in police custody, following a two-day resolute operation by security forces to sanitize the streets of gangsters and vandals.

In a surge of crimes that tossed the county residents into untold panic and terror, a youthful group rose from among their numbers two months ago, that sparked off attacks mostly on night guards who watch market places and late night pubs.

Surprisingly and to the bewilderment of the police, the gang was stealing nothing from its targets, besides the heinous attacks that left them either dead or mutilated.

Over 10 cases of Murders and Serious Assaults linked to the syndicate were reported on diverse dates between October and November, three of the murders occurring on 17th and 19th of November.

In one of the incidents on Nov 17, 58-yr-old John Mulama – a security guard at Club 2000 within Kambi Somali – was attacked and murdered at his place of work, before his killers proceeded to Amalemba Bus Stage where they also ended the life of 59-yr-old Festo Iluma, also a watchman at DEE’s Pub.

On the night of Nov 19, the bloody gang advanced its attacks to Mahiakhalo in Bukhungu location, killing 24-yr-old Patrick Kipkosgei, a 5th year student at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology in cold blood.

On the same night, Isaiah Kiprono – a 1st year student at the same university – survived by the skin of his teeth, when the machete-wielding gang accosted him while opening his house. He braved several cuts as he yelled his lungs out, causing his adversaries to flee.

Informed by the horrifying trend, an intelligence-led crackdown by a joint team of KPS and DCI officers was launched in the area on Sunday Nov 20, where 10 suspected members of the ring were flashed out of their boltholes and escorted to Kakamega police station.

After investigative interviewing, four more suspects were cornered and nabbed yesterday in different locations within the township.

Three get-away motorcycles, metal bars, bloodstained machetes and clothings, and assorted electronics including mobile phones were recovered during the operation.

Preliminary investigations have so far revealed that Mbogi La Izraim Territory was formed to avenge three robbery suspects, who were previously cornered and subjected to mob justice by members of the public. The gang believes watchmen informed on them, hence becoming the major targets.

As investigations continue, detectives have been granted custodial orders by Kakamega Law Courts to hold the suspects for 21 days.

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