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Shaken Gidi reaches out to police as Patanisho turns into a crime scene after notorious criminal causes panic attack with freaky call

by Joshua Wanga
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What began like the usual daily morning call where a listener asks to be reconciled with a party who they’ve fallen out with quickly turned dramatic and speedily escalated into a situation requiring police intervention.

Just to put things into context, Patanisho is a segment within the popular Radio Jambo morning show known as Gidi na Ghost Asubuhi, and is run by Gidi and the former National football team head coach, Jacob Ghost Mulee. It basically invites callers to send in problems they may be having concerning broken relationships, from romantic ones, familial, to even professional relationships. The hosts usually take it upon themselves to mediate on behalf of the caller, and seek forgiveness or understanding from the aggrieved party.

In this specific episode, the caller, Nyandieka, called with a sad story about how he wanted his wife called Ruth to come back after she upped and left their matrimonial home. Finding this strange that a woman would just walk out on her marriage without any reason, Gidi asked him if there’s anything Nyandieka wanted to confess to.

Like a harbinger to what was to come, Nyandieka begrudgingly confessed to having been involved in an extramarital affair but left it at that, not saying more.

When a call was placed to Ruth, the estranged wife politely told Gidi that she had no plan of ever going back to Nyandieka. The moment Gidi attempted to convince her is when all hell broke loose. She asked Gidi if the man he was defending had even been bold enough to confess what he had done.

When Gidi informed him that he had already confessed to the extramarital affair, Ruth began spilling the beans, revealing that the affair was just but a tip of the iceberg.
Apparently, the female he had the so-called affair was not only Ruth’s sister but her 11 year old small sister.
Gidi, disgusted to high heavens, promptly brought the Patanisho to an end and got to handing Nyandieka’s number to the authorities, unable to believe he had just entertained a sexual offender and child rapist.

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