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Ruto Turns the Tables as Raila’s Demands Met with Unexpected Concessions

by Samantha Ruth
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President William Ruto’s recent concessions to some of Raila Odinga’s key demands could potentially deflate the anti-government crusade led by the Azimio leader.

After Ruto declared that the cost of unga (cooking flour) would fall, prices dropped to an all-time low of Sh159 per 2kg pack, crossing below the Sh170 mark for the first time in recent history. This move brought relief to poor households, as the cost of unga was one of the key issues fueling Raila’s resistance against the government.

Raila had been demanding that the government ensure the cost of unga does not exceed Sh100 per 2kg pack, a demand he had been rallying for during his public appearances with his signature sufuria. Ruto’s administration has further promised more maize imports in the coming days, which is expected to bring the prices of unga down even further, signaling a willingness to address Raila’s concerns.

In addition to the unga issue, Ruto has also yielded to Raila’s demands to include experts in the parliamentary talks. The establishment of a joint house committee for dialogue, as proposed by National Assembly majority leader Kimani Ichung’wah and approved by Ruto, will now include technical experts co-opted by both teams, as well as input from members of the public and organized groups.

Raila had expressed a desire to have experts provide technical knowledge on key areas of discussion, and Ruto’s agreement to this demand shows a willingness to engage in meaningful dialogue.

Ruto has also agreed to co-chair the joint select committee with Raila’s Azimio and his own Kenya Kwanza party during the panel’s meetings, a demand made by Raila to ensure equality in the negotiation process.

However, Ruto has also insisted on having the talks held within the parliamentary framework, with the House providing official Hansard records, indicating a preference for a structured approach.

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