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Ruto clarifies launching same road twice after uproar

by Samantha Ruth
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President William Ruto of Kenya has found himself at the center of controversy after criticism on social media for launching a road in Nyandarua County for the second time.

State House Spokesperson, Hussein Mohammed, came to Ruto’s defense, stating that the road, known as the 55-kilometer Captain-Ndemi/Wanjohi-Kwa Matu-Geta-Kahuruko-Ndunyu Njeru Road, had been denied funding by the previous administration in an effort to frustrate Ruto’s bid for the presidency.

Ruto, who previously served as Deputy President, released a statement expressing his disappointment in the deliberate denial of funding for projects he had launched during his tenure. He highlighted that during his campaign for the presidency, he had promised to complete all stalled projects, including roads, and accused those behind the funding denial of hurting the people, economy, and Kenya as a whole.

The controversy gained traction on social media when it was revealed that Ruto had commissioned the road five years ago, and his recent tweet about launching it again sparked outrage among Kenyan citizens.

Many took to Twitter to express their disappointment and skepticism, sharing Ruto’s tweet from 2018 where he had already claimed to have launched the same road.

Ruto vowed to clean up the mess and prioritize completing stalled projects before embarking on new ones. He emphasized the importance of fulfilling promises made to the people and ensuring that projects intended to benefit the country are not hindered by political agendas.

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