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Pres. Ruto Forced To Temporarily Cut Short His Speech In Ukambani

by Joshua Wanga
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After witnessing the swearing-in of the 20 judges appointed on earlier, the fifth president went on to visit Ukambani region. The president visited Machakos county intending to discuss development projects with the people of the Ukambani region.

While addressing the leaders and the people of Machakos, the president was forced to cut short and address the rowdy you youths who were shouting while the president was addressing the congregation.

After greeting everyone observing the protocol, president William Ruto, paused his speech and said that the rowdy youths should stop and remain calm because he will meet them later. He spoke in Kiswahili language and said; “Hao Majamaa Warelax nitawaona baadae.” End of the quote.

After the Youths heard that the president will see them later, the shouted with a joyful noise then calmed down. Here is the video while Ruto started his speech. Watch from 1:39 to 1:30 and from 0:42 to 0:39.


In other news, Former Kenyan president Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta immediately went mute with Kenya’s politics after President Ruto was declared winner in August, 2022.

Kenyatta who has been a remarkable figure in Kenyan politics since the early 2000s was among the top Azimio losers in the elections as his main candidate Raila Odinga lost to Ruto.

Uhuru who is the chairman of the Azimio coalition had vowed not to allow the country be led by a man whose principals were questionable and he had even urged Kenyans to prepare for a Raila Odinga presidency.

However, Kenyans opted for Ruto hence delivering a much-anticipated defeat to both Kenyatta and Odinga.

Since then, Uhuru has backed off from politics and is only focused on the new job he was given by President Ruto as a mediator of peace.

New details have emerged that Uhuru opted to stay away from local politics due to the bitterness he carries after losing the elections.

According to a publication by the Standard, Uhuru was extremely devastated after Raila lost the elections. However, his loss of his backyard; Mt Kenya region to his then deputy Ruto was so bitter that he chose to totally stop commenting on matters politics.

The publication further revealed that Uhuru only engages in politics with his small circle and spends his free time in the retirement home he built on his Trans Mara ranch.

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