Why Ruto isn’t in Uhuru succession plans

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has lifted the lid on why he has secluded Deputy President William Ruto in his succession plans.

The president said he opted to work with ODM leader Raila Odinga and the One Kenya Alliance since they have backed his unity plan.

President Kenyatta said he would not want to invite those who “don’t believe in the baby they are keen on birthing”.

“You don’t call someone who is against what you do. He has been opposed to it. For what reason I don’t know,” the president said in an interview with editors aired on citizen tv on Monday.

Uhuru further denied claims his meetings with Raila and the group of Amani leader Musalia Mudavadi, Kanu boss Gideon Moi, and Wiper’s Kalonzo Musyoka as tied to 2022.

“Those meetings have not been about selecting a candidate,” he said, adding that he wouldn’t want to leave anybody out.

President Kenyatta explained, “Like I said, if we can come together and find people of common mind who can push a particular agenda. You can’t bring on board persons who are opposed to it and who literally doesn’t want to see it to happen.”

Uhuru and Ruto’s relationship has been on a nosedive, circumstances that were linked to his handshake with Raila and of late, dalliance with the OKA team.

But the President held that he had no intention of excluding his deputy from the talks. “I fail to understand because if you would have been part of the process, it would have been wonderful,” President Kenyatta said in respect of Ruto’s concerns he was excluded from the BBI process.

On the same, the president said, “You can’t force something down their throats, that is not democracy.”

Hinting that he is yet to give up the quest, the President said, “People will decide which way they want to go.

“He further dismissed assertions that the BBI had to do with his succession or Raila presidential ambitions.

“BBI was not about who was going to be president or not.

“The president reiterated he had no intention to stay in office beyond his term.”

How many times have I told you I am grateful to people for the opportunity they given me to serve them. I am more than happy to serve my term and finish my program.

“He restated that the BBI, which was quashed at the courts, was part of his agenda. I believe this was part of my agenda. To be able to bring people together and ensure we have a peaceful stable united country. That’s why I was keen on this.”

The president added that it was unfortunate the courts missed the bigger picture in their verdict on the proposed first amendment.

“Unfortunately, the courts have ruled and I believe they were highly misguided in that process, for short term political gains. We have deviated from why we wanted the BBI to it being an issue of competition.”

“BBI has nothing to do with Raila candidacy. There is no clause saying the incumbent will continue for another 10 years. This all propaganda and hype built around to poison the people’s minds and to deviate them from looking at the real facts,” he said.

“Instead of looking at the underlying issues, you are turning it into a class war. You will now want to blame poverty. You want to make it an us versus them because it is an easy campaign platform to propel an individual to victory as opposed to dealing with the underlying problems.”

William Ruto told to quit instead of attacking government

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday took a swipe at his deputy William Ruto daring him to quit instead of attacking the government from within.

In an interview with Citizen TV, the president did not hide his displeasure with the criticism levelled against his administration.

The president said he was in no certain terms aware of why DP Ruto’s side has chosen the attacks.

He told journalists in Nairobi that he had no problem with Ruto building his political base but questioned the methods the UDA team has employed.

“I have no idea of what has transpired except for the fact that he is trying to establish a base for his future politics. I feel it is unfortunate the manner he is doing it is wrong,” the president said.

A candid Uhuru said he was further perplexed at his deputy’s opposition to the BBI saying “the issues informing the BBI are the same ones that brought them together”.

“If I want to now expand that, what is the problem? I we go back to 2013 it has been my agenda of bringing people together,” Uhuru said. “If divisions of 2007 brought us together, what is problem it bring other people on board?” he added.

The President urged for calm saying his move to unite the country doesn’t mean limiting anyone’s chances to succeed him.

“It doesn’t deny you your chances It is not Uhuru who elects, it is Kenyans.”

He further expresser regret that some of the issues sparking the division that has rocked his administration stem from his unity bid.

“What’s the problem if we have a situation everyone that regardless of who wins, no Kenyan has lost?” he asked.

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