Wajir East MP Kassim Spends Night in Police Cell, May Face up to a Year in Prison if Charged for Assaulting Women Rep Fatuma Gedi

MP Rashid Kassim.

Wajir East MP Rashid Amin was arrested on Thursday night for assaulting Wajir Woman Representative Fatuma Gedi at Parliament buildings.The incident took place in broad daylight in presence of other MPs as well as Ms Gedi’s aides.

The lawmaker was apprehended after being questioned for two hours over the incident that Ms Gedi said took place at the parking lot at about 9.55am on Thursday before the budget session. He was questioned at Parliament  Police Station from 5pm. Police decided to detain him at Central Police Station shortly after 8pm, where he spent the night.

Earlier on, all  women parliamentarians staged a massive walk out from parliament  in solidarity with Wajir Women Rep Fatuma Gedi as the Treasury CS Henry Rotich was giving country’s budget speech.Ms Gedi was assaulted at the parliament’s parking lot by Wajir East MP Rashid Kassim.

Gedi was left with a bloody mouth after the morning incident in Parliament precincts in a reportedly unprovoked attack by Kassim. Witnesses said Kassim accused Gedi – who sits in the Budget Committee – of failing to allocate money for his constituency.

A brief argument ensued resulting in Kassim punching Gedi, according to sources  who spoke to Ms. Gedi at Parliament Police Station where she recorded the statement. Ms Gedi accused him of leaving his constituency out of the budgetary allocation.

“I was just walking with my colleague Ms Wanga when he accosted me and started calling me stupid and within minutes he punched me on the cheek,” Ms Gedi said.

According to a Senator who witnessed the assault, Ms. Gedi explained that during a recent Budget Committee visit to Wajir County, there was public participation.She noted that priorities were factored in to determine how funds would be allocated.

“I told him that Wajir county was only allocated Ksh.100 million and we had to allocate money to only areas of priority to the region like water and roads but he told me that is nonsense,” Ms Gedi added.


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