Uhuru Caught Scolding Cameramen During Mashujaa Celebration

Uhuru Kenyatta hungrily starring at a camera man during the Madaraka Day in Kirinyaga. Photo: Courtesy

President Uhuru Kenyatta, on Wednesday, was caught on camera scolding cameramen and a few members of his security team at the podium during the celebration of Mashujaa Day in Kirinyaga.

The president was seen scolding the camera people trying to take a photo of him and the guest he was greeting moments after arriving at the VIP podium.

President Kenyatta was greeting one guest to the other at the podium when the cameramen kept on blocking his way.

Photographer was forced to move out of the podium after having a confrontation with President Uhuru. Photo: Courtesy

At some point, the seemingly devastated Head of State was seen having a short confrontation with the photographers before they paved his way.

The President had such confrontations with the photographers on two separate occasions. The first occasion was just a few minutes before he greeted First Lady Margaret Kenyatta when he stood for some few minutes staring at them.

The second time was after greeting Deputy President William Ruto’s wife Hon Racheal Ruto. It is after the second confrontation that the photographers completely moved out of President Uhuru’s way.

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    Written by George Okello

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