Tuju claims Kanini Kega and Kamanda are working with DP Ruto to send Raila Odinga Home in 2022

Jubilee party Secretary General Raphael Tuju has sent a very powerful message to the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party leader Raila Odinga ahead the 2022 General Elections.

In an interview with one of the local dailies, Tuju revealed how Kieni Member of Parliament Kanini Kega and Jubilee Nominated MP Maina Kamanda are playing Politricks against the former Prime minister.

He  clearly stated how a group of 14 Members of Parliament are being used to lure, trick and Politically bring Raila Odinga for the upcoming General Elections.

“If you think that MPs from the scropy Mountain are helping Raila Odinga gain popularity and clinch power, I am actually very Sorry to state that those guys are being used to turn the Political cornation months to the Elections. I wish Raila Odinga knows what is in the Big Basket, and it is not actually passion but altinum Guavas.” Said Tuju.

“By now he will not see how the game is being played. But nearer to the General Elections, is when he will get Surprised.”

Tuju sentiments comes at a time when Both Maina Kamanda and Kanini Kega are lining up regional campaign teams to help ODM leader Raila Odinga win votes in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s backyard.

The yet-to-be- unveiled team has been conducting strategy meetings on how to market the ODM cheif in the perceived hostile region.


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    Written by Paul nyongesa

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