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Showdown Looms as Kenyans Vow to Host Parallel X Space with President Ruto

by Samantha
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In a striking display of digital dissent, a section of Kenyans has pledged to boycott President William Ruto’s upcoming X Space, opting instead to host their own parallel discussion.

The President’s initiative, scheduled for July 5 from 2 PM to 5 PM, intended to engage with the youth, has sparked a backlash from thousands of Kenyans on the platform X (formerly Twitter).

The announcement of the President’s engagement was met with immediate criticism.

Many Kenyans argued that the President should not dictate the terms of the conversation, emphasizing that they, as his Constitutional employers, should take the lead.

Over the past three weeks, they have articulated their demands through various channels, including street demonstrations, social media posts, and written essays.

Despite these efforts, they feel their voices have been ignored, prompting the call for a boycott.

James Kamau, an X user, expressed the frustration felt by many: “What else does he want to hear? Haven’t we been repeating the same things over the last one month? We’ve been saying it loud and clear. Offline and online. What else does this man want to hear!? Boycott that useless Space!”

Amid the rising calls for a boycott, influential X users, including Kimuzi, Osama Otero, Gabriel Oguda, and Hanifa Adan, have decided to take action. They plan to host their own parallel Space, intended to counter the President’s initiative. The idea quickly gained traction, with many supporting the notion of a rival Space hosted by Kimuzi and Osama.

In a symbolic move, some suggested that the parallel Space be held in honor of Jacob Juma, a businessman whose past tweets continue to resonate with the current political climate in Kenya. A poster titled “Let’s Rage On!” has been circulating, urging Kenyans to share the information widely and boycott the President’s Space.

Kimuzi tweeted, “The only independent entity you have now as a country is social media. If you allow Ruto to infiltrate it, you are done. For all those willing to join, it’s a free world. But remember, more than 100 families are grieving their children. Taken early by this regime.”

Social commentator Gabriel Oguda added, “Gen Zs have said they will also host their parallel X Space session at the same time Ruto will be speaking to his children tomorrow. This is the violence I signed up for.”

Despite the mounting opposition, the government is determined to push forward with the President’s Space.

All government entities, including parastatals and Cabinet Secretaries, have been instructed to join the Space. The President’s daughter, Charlene Ruto, has also encouraged Kenyans to engage constructively, framing it as a unique opportunity.


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