Ruto’s Relationship With Museveni In Jeopardy After Clash

The relationship between Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto and his long-term friend has been put in limbo after the two clashed in the ongoing trade war between Kenya and Uganda.

Over the weekend, DP Ruto called out President Museveni and his administration for claiming that they are friends with Kenya yet they are making trade between them very difficult.

Ruto’s statement come after reports emerged that Uganda had impounded Kenya trucks with fish valued at Ksh 50 million for three weeks now.

Reports claim the Kenyan trucks were moving fish from Lake Turkana to the Democratic Republic of Congo before they were confiscated by the Uganda Fisheries Protection Union at the Mpondwe border on October 3.

Reacting to the reports, Ruto urged President Museveni to release the trucks unconditionally.

“About the fish impounded in Uganda, I want to tell Museveni to release the lorries in the spirit of the East African Community and allow our traders to take the fish to its destination before they get worse. That is not bhang or illicit alcohol but genuine products that Kenyan traders were transporting,” Ruto said as reported by The Standard publication.

“We cannot claim we are good neighbors when we (Kenya) play our role and allow Uganda traders to do business in the country freely but our traders are arrested and slapped with punitive fines and their products confiscated across the border,” he added.

President Museveni and DP Ruto have been friends for some time now. Their friendship seems to be in jeopardy after Ruto told Museveni that his authorities were wrong to continue holding the consignments yet Kenya and Uganda have already reached an agreement to let the trucks leave.

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    Written by George Okello

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