Ruto’s men have been bullying me, Ngirici says

Kirinyaga Woman Representative Wangui Ngirici now claims that she has been bullied by some people within Deputy President William Ruto-led party United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

Ngirici revealed that her unease in UDA is not about the presence of Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru in the party but the insults she has been receiving from the party.

“My issues are not mainly because Waiguru joined UDA but the bullying which is happening in the party,” she told The Sunday Standard.

The first-time lawmaker revealed that some people in Ruto’s camp have been cyberbullying her and has even dragged her husband into the ridicule.

“At one time I was insulted in the TangaTanga WhatsApp group where Ruto is. My husband too was dragged into it and called names but he was not in the group to defend himself,” said Ngirici.

“This pained me and I called Ruto to express my displeasure,” she added.

Speaking on her relationship with Waiguru, Ngirici said that she is the one who convinced the governor to run for the Kirinyaga Gubernatorial seat in 2017.

According to her, Waiguru wanted to vie for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat but she is the one who convinced her to move to her home county, Kirinyaga County.

Despite their earlier bromance, Ngirici said that she fell apart with the governor after finding out that they differed in ideologies.

“She wanted to vie for Nairobi governorship but I convinced her to vie in Kirinyaga, where I was also vying for the woman rep,” said Ngirici of their good times.

“We dined and wined together, and we could be seen in public and in private, but I later realized we were incompatible and we parted ways,” she added.

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    Written by George Okello

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