Ruto’s Lieutenants Plot To Mess Up Uhuru-Raila Referendum

DP William Ruto.

Deputy President William Ruto through his lieutenants is at it again, and dared Uhuru-Raila Odinga to a referendum duel barely two days after BBI task forces completed process of collecting public views.

William Ruto’s lieutenants have come out guns blazing and sighting the goal post move as political selfishness and  vowed to marshal massive campaign against the so called public vote and stay loyal to their master, William Ruto.

Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro insists the referendum being pushed is meant to achieve nothing but a narrow political gain for a few rich individuals something does not seek to address the problems Kenyans are facing at the moment. Kandara MP Alice Wahome claims President Uhuru Kenyatta might have as well as been hatching a plot to see to it that William Ruto will not become the president of this great nation. She went further to affirm to her loyalty and stick to the promise of working closely with the deputy president.

This leaves William Ruto at a vantage point weighing his options, including a political duel with his boss something that might dent his political career keeping the country’s political bigwigs have closed ranks to support constitutional change. On the other hand, the President might borrow a leaf from Kibaki’s action in 2015 referendum, Mwai Kibaki made radical changes to his Cabinet and kicked out Raila’s LDP foot soldiers.

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