Ruto Accuses Uhuru For Sabotaging Government Agenda

Deputy President William Ruto is now demanding an apology from his boss President Uhuru Kenyatta for abandoning their plan for the Big 4 Agenda.

Speaking at his Karen residence on Thursday, DP Ruto accused President Uhuru Kenyatta of abandoning critical matters affecting the nation and concentrating on the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

Ruto claimed that the president together with ODM leader Raila Odinga and their allies forced the nation with BBI, an initiative that derailed the government’s development agenda.

“Those who pushed BBI on us, we demand an apology from them. We demand an apology from them because they sabotaged the Big Four plan that was supposed to great millions of jobs for ordinary people, that was supposed to create a universal health coverage framework that would benefit millions of women and children and old people,” Ruto said.

He further accused the President and his partners of sabotaging the food investments strategy that would have benefitted many farmers and create opportunities for them to access the markets of their output.

DP Ruto’s attack on his boss come weeks after the President challenged him to resign from his Deputy President position if he is not in agreement with what he (the president) is doing to the country.

In an interview with senior editors from various media houses, President Kenyan criticized DP Ruto for opposing a government he is part of. The Head of State noted that his deputy was confusing the electorate with his criticism of the government.

“It would be an honorable thing that if you are not happy with it (government), step aside and take your agenda to the people.

The two top leaders have been on the opposing side on matters BBI. DP Ruto has been on the view that the initiative was meant to create government positions for a few leaders at the top and destabilize the country. President Kenyatta on the other side has maintained that the initiative – which has already been thrown out by the court of law – meant good for the country.

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    Written by Brian Okello

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